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Monuments in Agra

In the best traditions, cultural values, historical monuments of Agra and indomitable spirit to know the unknown past the rewards are great and enormous and more deeply than ever for the charms of India mainly city of Taj Mahal, the Agra. This city deserved every moment of pleasure, for it was hard work. A half day spent bumping along road to reach a “Special Place” is everybody’s idea of fun and frolic. It is fleeting moment, tourist first tentative glimpse of the “essence” of Agra. You will experience the time again and again as you are jolted out of one reverie into another by extraordinary monuments of Agra and nearby places. Nothing, and everything, is to be expected.

There are many tourist attractions in Agra at every nook and corner of Agra. It is hardly a wonder considering the important position that it held in bygone Mughal era. The Moghuls were known for their love of architecture and both the red sandstone and marble architecture abounds in the region.

List of Monuments in Agra

Taj Mahal Agra
Taj Mahal :Taj Mahal most famous monument  has sublime architecture and wonderful scenery describing the most extravagant masterpiece monument ever built for love. The Taj Maha is the finest example of historical monuments in Agra Mughal architecture, a style that is a subtle blend of elements from Persian, Indian and Turkish architecture. The Taj Mahal has achieved special note because of the romance of its inspiration.The Taj Mahal is actually an integrated complex of structures that contains gardens, gateways, inns and a mosque.Taj Mahal was designated a World Heritage site in 1983.
Agra Fatehpur Sikri
Fatehpur Sikri: Built by Emperor Akbar in honor of the Sufi Saint, Salim Chisti, Fatehpur Sikri was briefly the capital of the Mughal empire and is regarded as Akbar’s crowning architectural legacy.
The city is one of the finest, and best preserved, examples of a Mughal walled city with defined private and public areas, imposing gateways, and a beautiful blend of Islamic and Hindu styles of design and architecture Fatehpur Sikri remains one of the best surviving monuments of the Mughal era in India. Monuments in Agra like Fatehpur Sikri is recognised as being a World Heritage Site (UNESCO).
Other Agra’s tourist places to see are as indicated below:
Agra Fort
Agra Fort: Agra has one of the finest Mughal monuments and forts in India. Within the Agra Fort must see list would include The Nagina Masjid which housed the harem; Zenana  Meena Bazaar, ladies used to shopping; the Shah Burj or royal quarters;the Musamman Burj from where Shah Jahan spent his last days gazing at his wife’s tomb; the Diwan-i-Khas and the Hauz-i-Jahangiri
Akbar's Mausoleum
Akbar’s Mausoleum: This wonderful monument in Agra shows outstanding sandstone and marble commemorates the greatest of the Mughal emperors situated at Sikandra, 10 km northwest of Agra fort. Itimad-Ud-Daulah : Known as Baby Taj the tomb of Mizra Ghiyas Beg should not be missed.The Persian nobleman was Emperor Jehangir’s wazir (Chief Minister)His daughter Nur Jahan built this famous tourist attraction in Agra.
Jama Masjid Agra
Jama Masjid: This mosque built in the Kinari bazaar by Shah Jahan’s daughter in 1648. Jami Masjid Mosque is a very simple mosque of red sandstone with little white marble decoration and blue colour paint wall and ceilings. It’s a huge mosque in the center of Agra surrounded by a great bazaar. This attraction of Agra is along the wings of the main prayer wall, panels of beautifully inlaid sandstone similar to those decorating the main gateway of the Taj Mahal, add an appropriately feminine touch.
  Others Attraction & Activities in Agra
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